Friday, December 2, 2011

Gravity's Rainbow :-(

Oh what a crazy arc this week has taken. It was off to a soaring start with A Word A Day & the new Etsy shop. I've conversed with many wonderful people since Monday & had quite a few Etsy orders. I found some beautiful archival paper for my prints. I had just loaded it into my printer-- & then my computer crashed. Utterly, completely, horribly. I was on the phone with Dell for hours to no avail. There are still a couple of tiny threads of hope that I'll be following, & thank goodness, I do have Crashplan, although I'm not sure how much recent data was lost before it could be captured... we shall see, if it comes to that...

I have to admit there was a moment there when I seriously thought "Am I being punished for selling my work?" I'm trying to quash that line of thinking-- especially because, if all else fails, the Etsy orders will go a long way to paying for a new computer, haha! People have been remarkably patient, kind & understanding about the delay, I must say. I spent a sleepless night worrying that they'd think I was hopelessly incompetent, or worse, running some sort of scam!

Needless to say, Oddments will be on hold for a bit.

I'm told that rainbows are actually circular... like that ol' wheel of fortune.


  1. it is inevitable in our digital world....we all will experience ( or some already did) these "trifles"... Yes, it is bad but there are worse things around in the world ........

    (but I feel with you)

    Get some fruit, for example an apple :)

  2. Leah, it's things like this that make a person afraid to open a shop (I'm still too wimpy and think my stuff isn't good enough yet). But persevere - I noticed your sales are off to a good start, and you are such a nice person that I'm sure everyone is right behind you and wishing for things to go well! I have full confidence in you!!
    *I've been trying to "follow" your blog, but Blogger is being glitchy right now, and keeps deleting it from my list - So, in case you see my icon appearing and disappearing from your followers box, it's not because I've changed my mind - I still think you're amazing and brilliant!

  3. Hang in there Leah.......these things are sent to try us .....hope you haven't lost any important stuff that's a bummer ......we know you're not a scammer don't worry ...I am more than happy to wait for my Yogi....he will be even more special to me then ....x

  4. Thanks for the kind words, all... I feel much less panicky & miserable than I did yesterday & through the night... both because of everyone's moral support, & because I'm able to take it in perspective. After all, it's just THINGS, in sum-- none of my loved ones hurt or ill, & even if I've lost some work, I can still paint!!

    I should take a tip from that yogi & remain equable! :-)

  5. keep your chin up and remember this will some day be an amusing "when I opened my store" story :)

  6. I've been having the same problems with my computer lately. Makes us realize how much we depend on these things doesn't it? Congrats on all your success! I love it when the right people become popular :) You deserve success!

  7. You hang in there!! I love that I see your letters when I open my word-a-day! I totally agree with Linda about her comment about it being so satisfying when the "right people become popular." do deserve success!

  8. Thanks again for all your moral support, folks! I'm happy to say that CrashPlan captured all of my data except for a tiny bit just before the fail, so even though the computer itself appears almost certainly doomed, the vast majority of my data is safe, & with much help from my family I've even managed to set up a stop-gap system so I can start making prints again. The scanner is still not connected, though, so it may be a while before regular Oddments resume.

  9. Well, that explains it all perfectly, Leah. I've missed you coming around. Glad you didn't lose anything. Weren't computers supposed to make our lives easier? Seems they've made everything more complicated, and we fall apart when our computers stop working.

    I've been having the same Blogger glitches as Jill mentioned. Seems to be about the Followers list.