Monday, October 15, 2012

George Washington Zombie

I'm running late again with AlphaBooks because I spent too much time fooling around with this horrible little Oddment! It's a ceramic doll-head of GW that I picked up at the Fleam some time ago, and, inspired by CreepyGlowbugg, I decided it was high time to zombify him.

First I did a little deconstructive surgery with Sculpey to give him a bulging eye & drooping lip.

Then I gave him a base coat of acrylic. I thought the green back of the greenback would make some pretty sweet zombie skin, so I scanned one & tore it to bits to collage nearly all of his skin. (I especially like the way his chest ended up reading "One Doll.")

I let all that dry overnight before adding the finishing touches with acrylic.

I wonder what GW would make of the current election process if he really did rise from the grave this Halloween?


  1. Oh My Goddess!!! George is amazing!!! I really like the addition of the clay to deconstruct his face! Brilliant of you to use the dollar bill!!!LOVE it!!!

  2. WHOOOOAAAA!!! This is amazing, gory but amazing especially after reading about your plastic deconstructive surgery procedure!!! You are fantastic.

  3. I'm sure George is turning in his grave, both over current politics AND this amazing sculpture, haha! I love this!

  4. Too cool! The use of the dollar bill print is awesome! I never thought I liked zombies but recently they've started growing on me. (In a good way.)