Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Voyage to a New Blog!

I'd like to invite you all to travel with me to my new "official" blog! Actually, it isn't new at all-- over six months old-- but I wanted to work out a few bugs before I made the formal move.

I think things are in order now, & with the end of the AlphaBots project, this seems like a good time to travel onward. I won't take this blog down, but probably won't be updating it, so I do hope you'll join me over there. You'll see a lot of duplicate content from the last few months at the moment, but I promise there will be new stuff coming soon!


  1. Leah, I left two comments at your .com that was linked to the Illustration Friday site but the comments didnt appear. Maybe you have comment moderation turned on there?

  2. Thanks for the heads-up, Ted! I have it set up so that the first time someone comments, it has to be approved. But once I approve one comment, your following comments will go up without delay. I set it up that way because I get way more spam comments on that site than here. (Despite Akismet.)

    Needless to say, you are approved for all time! :-)