Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Don't worry, folks, you are not watching a Louis-Wain-style breakdown take place before your eyes! I'm just on a momentary sidetrack, playing with odd drawing restrictions. (I'm calling this series Oddbody Exercises.) This one was inspired by Ces's comment on my last post. I doubt I would have thought of foot drawing otherwise, but once she put the idea in my head I just had to try it!

Wow. I thought non-dominant hand drawing was tough! This was my dominant foot, if there is such a thing, & it took three tries to come up with something that was actually recognizable as some sort of drawing. My first efforts resembled bird tracks, or perhaps something generated by a drawing machine. I had to slow waaaay down to have any control whatsoever. Even so, I couldn't draw a smooth curve to save my life! I doubt that a career as a foot artist is in my future.

Pencil (held between the toes of my right foot) on paper, ~4.5"x6.5"

p.s. Although this is roughly (& I do mean roughly!) my idea of what Bigfoot might look like, I suspect I was also subconsciously influenced by Sendak's Wild Things. Speaking of which, if you haven't seen Cory Godbey's Sendak-inspired site Terrible Yellow Eyes, you should do it right this minute!

R.I.P. Mr. S. <3  If there is an afterlife, let the wild rumpus start!


  1. Oooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh MY GOODNESS!!! I LOVE IT! It is so cool. So kinky too. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wow! Now I am curious if I can do it. I should try it. OH GOSH. You are a woman of many talents. Have you heard of those painters who paint with the brush in their mouths? There are so many of them in the Manila. They are paralyzed and so hold the brushes with their teeth. Must have stong frontal teeth and probably use only acrylic otherwise all those toxins in the oils will be dangerous. Not that I am suggesting it for you but if you were bored...

    Honestly, this is terrific. Thank you for making we squeal this morning!


  2. What was that drawing machine drawing? It looked like an erection or something, some sort of column. Goodness! That foot artists is AMAZING!!! WOW! I must try this foot drawing. Thank you again.

  3. As I understand it, the drawing machine is just reacting to the natural forces of the device & surrounding structure-- the columnar shape is a mathematical probabilistic accumulation of random marks, sort of like the wave form generated by light particles, or the patterns magnets create in iron filings. I could be completely wrong, though! My brother majored in Physics; I, however, am but a lowly Art major.

    And now you're going to have me mouth painting!? Is there no rest for the weird? ;-) I have something else in mind for Friday, but maybe on Sunday!

  4. Not bad. Keep practicing, in a few weeks you might prefer drawing with your feet. Perfect for boring meetings.

  5. Foot drawing, now mouth drawing...I'm a bit scared to think what Ces might come up with next!!!! ;) Ah!!! The fun you have when you get a bunch of uber-creative minds together! Thank you both for keeping me entertained!!