Saturday, May 19, 2012


Sometimes I really think Illustration Friday is reading my mind! Lately I've been experimenting with drawing under various constraints, a series I call Oddbody Exercises. I've already done one post on "blind" drawing, & inspired by IF's prompt "sight" I think I will keep at it. We'll see if I improve over the course of the week. :-)

Again, it's obvious how much easier calligraphy is than actual drawing. The only clear result of writing "blind" is some occasional unintentional crossing/connecting (the "g" & "e"  & the small "s"s), an uneven baseline, & slightly wonky spacing between the "g" & "h". Once again, muscle memory did much of the work.

The little critter, on the other hand, fully reveals my faulty mental map! In my mind those wildly divergent lines on the back & butt were connecting perfectly. Ha! Also the shading lines were intended to fall right along the belly.

I think I'll try using my left hand as a frame next time, to try for a more accurate spacial sense. Stay tuned!


  1. I can not write this text even with my eyes open!! ( even not in the Artichokian )


    amazing !

  2. Isn't this funny? When I saw the prompt I thought about drawing with my eyes closed. Then I remembered you drawing with your left hand, your foot and your mouth and was going to suggest that you draw with your eyes closed. OH MY GOSH! This is hilarious.

    Okay, all I can say is I am impressed!!!

  3. Always a fun exercise. I like your little critter...blind or not ;)