Sunday, June 3, 2012

C is for Charlotte

This week's entry for AlphaBooks is everyone's favorite spider, Charlotte (from E.B.White's Charlotte's Web.) I've always been fairly severely arachnophobic, yet I still fell utterly in love with this character. She is one admirable arachnid.

Sadly, I don't feel this painting does her justice, but I've gone completely cross-eyed putting highlights on all those tiny dewdrops, so I give up!!

Acrylic on text scanned from a hardbound edition of uncertain date-- 1962 is my best guess-- with Photoshopical adjustments, ~ 5"x8"

p.s. I did try to throw in a few "C"s-- some clearer than others-- how many do u C?


  1. I C many...and I C a really nice illustration! Nice tribute to a great character.

  2. Beautiful. And Charlotte's Web is one of the most memorable books of my childhood... I see now that one can participate in AlphaBooks without actually drawing PEOPLE (which I'm no good at and don't enjoy). I'm a little bit encouraged...

  3. This one turned out great, with a nice moonlit sort of luminescence. In the text at this point, is she writing something that has a C in it?

    I think I spotted 15 cs, but I might have missed a few. I'm planning to do a character from this book a good deal later in the alphabet.

  4. AS I'm always mentioning on my blog, Charlotte's Web is my favorite book of all time—I love your version of her spinning away in the night. I've thoroughly enjoyed my "catch-up" tour through your latest pieces. I love Bis for Bloom, H-Top...oh heck, I love them all!

  5. Thank you all so much-- it's lovely to connect with other Charlotte-heads!

    Debbie, the AlphaBooks entries don't even have to be living creatures, per se-- rag dolls or robots or velveteen rabbits would be fine so long as they are characters in any kind of book!

    Isaac, you found more C's than I knew I was putting in-- some subliminal C-ification is clearly happening here. ;-) And I took some artistic license with the letter-- Charlotte is actually about to write "SOME PIG" at that moment-- great ad copy but sadly lacking in "C"s.

    And Sarah, thanks ever so, but be sure to come back on the 7th! ;-)

  6. Oh wow! That is one beautiful spider. The details are awesome. I love drawing spiders, not so much real ones although when I was a kid, we had spider-fighting contests. The winner is the one whose spider wrapped his opponent's spider! Oh my. We even prepared beds or cocoons for the spider using a matchbox divided into compartments using palm fronds! Now come to think of it, this was a cruel thing to do but we had hundreds of spiders everywhere! trees, plants, poles, bushes, awnings, eaves...

  7. all your ideas for the alphabet are so nice, but I like specially this one :)