Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Announcing the winners of the first ever Oddments Giveaway! *drum-roll*

1st Prize: Jim Doran
2nd: dosankodebbie
3rd: Creations By Mit

Please e-mail me (via my profile) with your mailing address & let me know which oddment print you would prefer. :-)

(All entries were written on slips of paper, folded up, & picked out of a paper lunch bag by my son.)

My heartfelt thanks to all who entered, & all who have followed, commented, & visited Oddments during the first year! It has been so much fun getting to know you all.

p.s. About the art: okay, this wasn't technically a sweepstakes, but hey, it's close enough for Oddments. :-) In fact, I just found out that there is something called an odd entry sweepstakes. Hmmm.

I sketched out this oddment a good while ago for IF's prompt "Swept," but something came up & I couldn't finish at the time, so she has been patiently waiting in the wings for her turn in the spotlight. And now it turns out that she's so shy, she's trying to sweep it up!

Photoshop with text from a vintage dictionary-- I've forgotten which one I used.


  1. YAAAAY!!!!! I'm so excited!! Sent you an email, Leah, but it may not have gone through, so drop me a note if you didn't receive it. I so enjoy seeing your new creations each week, including "Sweeps!" I hope the blog continues for many years to come!!

  2. the most horrible day in my life.....:(

    (I do not see my name in the list of winners...)


    this sweeper is cute I think I will continue following ;)

    ha ha

  3. I never win anything. Kick... Cry.... STOMP, STOMP.

  4. Lucky duckies!
    Art and Ted and I are just gonna have tizzies--cuz we <3 your work :) Seriously, congrats to Mit, Debbie and Jim! Btw, Sweep is adorable.

  5. I am very disappointed. I always think I will win and I never win one of these things. Even my best friend did not let me win when she had a giveaway. She could have pretended to make it fair. Pffft! But nooooo!!! That is the truth. Of course, the mature thing to say is congratulations to the winners. They will certainly be happy!!! Okay, Congratulations and thank you for making me very excited!!! Heheheh! Tsup!

  6. Adorable, love the braid! Love the fuzzy coat. Wonderful color. Serious cute.

  7. Thank you so much! :) :) :) x 1000 more!