Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Well, I'm mighty late with my AlphaBot this week, but at least I'm in time to wish you all a blissful Valentine's Day with Oddment 200!

In case you missed the last post, this is the second in an alphabetical robot series I call Artificial Emotional Intelligence. The BlissBot's wires tend to get a bit disheveled when in the throes of his eponymous emotion. But it's all part of his programming. ;-)

Speaking of programs, I'm using this series to teach myself how to "paint" in Adobe Illustrator. In this piece I made extensive use of the gradient mesh, which partly explains why it's so late! It's an amazing tool, but it can drive one a bit nuts, especially as a newbie. And of course I'm still not really satisfied. I hope one shining day to figure out how to make AI gradients tamely do my bidding. For now they definitely still have my knickers (& often my Bézier curves) in a twist. So much for my hope that I'd be as blissful making this bot as I was angstful for the last!

In further adventures in technology with Leah, I have a (sort of) complete new website up! It's supposed to be all mobile-responsive & sharp & fresh & stuff, but I'm still adding images & I'm sure there are still a few snags to work out. In any case I invite you to have a look over there & report back to me with any problems or concerns. I'll be keeping this blog going here for a while until I'm sure I have the hang of things over there!


  1. Hi Leah,
    What a lovely little bot. Have fun learning a new program. I'm taking a formal Photoshop class and wow, yes mind numbing for sure.

    Love your website. Thoughtfully segregated and interested. Large images, fast loading. The only thimg is the "blog" tab takes you to your "about" information. But you are probably still working on that.

    Take care!!

  2. Love his posture!!(I'm trying to have my belly NOT protrude like that!) Love your website!! So many cool images I'd never seen before! Total eye candy!!!! I'm impressed with your AI skills. I find that program absolutely painful!!! :)

  3. This new bot is adorable,love his expression.I saw you site,it's amazing:)