Monday, June 3, 2013


Oh how I identify with this wiggly bot! It's strange that someone with a severe case of the fidgets would choose a career that requires hours on end of near-immobility, but making art is just as irresistible as movement, so my two obsessions fight it out every day. Usually I start with the art & when I can't sit still another minute, I get up & hoop-dance madly for a while. Then back to the desk or drawing table until the wiggles take over again.

I'm very tempted to animate this little guy, but that would mean sitting here a lot longer, & I really need to go hoop!


  1. I think he'd be wonderful animated! I love your imagination and always enjoy seeing your creations. Keep doing what you do!

  2. Guess I'm dumb. What's a hoop dance?

    Hoop dancing does sound fun, though. Hope you don't get that nasty restless leg.

  3. Really love how you captured a sense of movement here!
    My company manufactures weighted fitness hoops - I'm addicted!!! (Though not much of a dancer!)