Sunday, January 29, 2012

P is for Penghou

This week's entry for AlphaBeasts! is a Chinese creature, though also known in Japan by the name Hōkō. It strikes me as a sort of Cheshire Dog: it is a tree spirit, with a dog's body but a human-ish grin, & according to Wikipedia, it tastes just like dog. :-O

edit: I forgot to include the medium &c.!
Acrylic on illustration scanned from Chatterbox 1882, ~7"x9.5"


  1. I love him against his background.

    1. I love the green background, and the subtle hints of purple.

  2. Aside from your amazing images, I marvel at how you come up with names for these alphabeasts!!!!

  3. Looks like a bit of a devil, and I wouldn't want to eat one! Or a dog, for that matter....

  4. Your creativity and talent is marvelous. A smile appears on my face with every post. Thanks !

  5. Thanks, one & all!
    Rince, the background was one of a beautiful series of illos in that volume of Chatterbox, depicting trees & their uses.
    Ces, I can take no credit for the AlphaBeasts' names: all of them are the original Japanese or Chinese. (At least as far as I know from my web research. I'm not a scholar of Asian legends, either!)
    Isaac, that video is unsettling on SO many levels.
    Jean, I hasten to assure you, I don't even eat hot dogs!
    Ima, thanks so much... you just made a smile appear on my face!

  6. Oh, I like this one, because he looks like a werewolf.

    How did I miss that cool Dodo bird?? I keep falling behind!

  7. he a nasty one - look at his eyes!! But maybe he could get a job as a security officer (to keep an eye on Mac computers)

  8. I stopped back by to make sure I hadn't missed a couple posts, and I haven't missed anything. I feel like I'm finally caught up :)

  9. Found your blog and i just want to say that love your works.
    cheers -Gigi