Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This jolly little critter is a character design for a painting I'm working on. In the actual painting he is about 1.75" tall.



  1. He looks very happy. I am afraid to squish him! How big are most of your paintings? I am starting a new 30"x40" oil painting. I hope I can pull it off. I am very distracted. It is a struggle. I wonder if it will stay close to what I intended. Most of the time my painting changes direction and themes, even if I made a study.

  2. Looks like a 'sweet berry bug' to me and I believe he's giving smiles to anyone who sees him today.

  3. Yes, we were both berry-brained yesterday, weren't we? I'm fascinated at how small you can work while achieving such fabulous detail. Do you have any videos of yourself painting on your site(s)? I'm off to investigate...

  4. Thanks to all, berry-brained or no! Most of my paintings are quite small, but this one is large for me-- 24" x 30"-- too large to scan on my little scanner. %\ This snippet is actually a variation on the color sketch I did in Photoshop.

    Sarah, no vids-- that would be the most boring video in history, 1 billion tiny little brushstrokes! I often use a magnifying headset when I'm doing the finest details. My husband says I look like a cyborg super-girl when I paint, what with the headset, ever-present iPod & my fondness for leotards & tights, ha!