Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Here's a poor orphaned creature that I originally created with the aforementioned painting in mind... but after several tries I'm not sure it I can find a good spot for it there. If I can't make it work, at least it will have a home here. Might you have any food scraps handy? It takes a lot of calories to keep all those legs going.

Created in Photoshop.

p.s. I'm noticing a strange & annoying phenomenon lately... my images show up in Blogger with considerably less color nuance than they do in PS. (I'm comparing to the jpeg, not the original PSD of course.) I don't remember having this issue until recently. Has something changed? Are they auto-compressing or something? Has anyone else noticed this? Am I losing my mind????


  1. I would gladly share scraps with this darling little orphan. Now, if he has to have shoes.....

  2. I think my colors seems to be holding up okay. In any case, I haven't noticed anything. Do you feed this creature Vienna sausages?? Seems like that would be appropriate food for a Wienerlinker. :o)

  3. Wonderful. How do you come up with these lovely creatures?

    On the color issue, I checked my blog and the colors seem to be perfectly fine. But recently a comment went missing. I got the email and when I went back to my blog for a new post, the comment wasn't there, no deletion message either, just as if it never happened.

    Have a great day.