Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Anxiety: A Tax

Yes it's that time again (well, it is if you live in the US & you're a chronic tax procrastinator like me). No time for an oddment so I'm offering this oldie. Some of you may remember it from days of yore... if so I apologize for bringing up painful memories.

Oh, & don't panic-- it's not the 15th yet! Hey, that means I'm actually ahead of the game, right?

Sculpey, acrylic, paper & found objects on canvas, 9"x12"


  1. This image is tellin' it like it is! Painfully wonderful ;) !!!

  2. Oh man, I hate paying high taxes. Ugh I just signed our tax return two days ago. This is a great illustration. My friend should see this. She works for an accounting firm.