Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Which came first?

This is a sketch for a character that might make it into that painting I keep talking about.

Digital (with paint & print thrown in), ~2"x4"


  1. Oh, this is total creation of a new world order. If only I had half of your imagination and execution!

    Have you heard of Robert Connett? He also paints organisms that remind me of viruses and bacteria, but of course he is more than that.

    I am intrigued by the minds of like artists.

  2. Thank you, Ces! And yes, I'm a fan of Robert Connett, especially his undersea scenes with their bio-luminescent glow. He just won an award, btw:

  3. Aaaaww. really? My interactions with him have been nothing but wonderful. He is so personable and warm. He honored his wife in one of his paintings (Dreamscape) the older version and he let it slip that he loves her very much. That was so sweet!. Are you at Behance?

  4. Lespisma bookcasii or Library shark is typical specimen who's inhabiting our costly books in bookcases. They are not interested in modern literature. These little, greenish creatures with prominent eyes can easily find the most delicate and tasteful books in complete darkens. This one ( on the picture) is a cute version= it is just born and every fresh hatchling is cute! Because they are mad about sugar, never leave the biscuits box open near by your bookcase!

    (I am wondering how your whole painting looks like!!)

  5. Ahaha! I'm sure there must be hordes of the beasts lurking in all my shelves & piles of old books. And here all this time I'd been blaming my husband when the sweets disappear! So glad I got a glimpse of this hatchling-- knowledge is power.

    p.s. I'm wondering what the whole painting looks like too... it's constantly evolving.

  6. Oh, & Ces, I'm not at Behance but I follow them on Twitter so I check out interesting posts from time to time. I should probably join up... but I'm already spread a bit thin!