Saturday, June 25, 2011


The other day, my cat was chasing a moth, & my husband remarked that they must be tasty appetizers for her, like little flying mushrooms. I immediately ran to the studio & started sketching! Of course this fellow eventually fluttered right into the painting I'm working on.

Photoshop with text & paint.


  1. ahh he is one of the muses then? beautiful work, love the concept and your style ;)!

  2. Oh my! Your brushwork is so beautiful, I want to lick and nibble on the leaf!

  3. Sometimes my comments disappear from blogs I visited. Now again. It could be removed by the owner of this blog, but perhaps it is something magical - it is caused by mothroom dipped in cognac.....and than, and than, you see things unseen in this world...and you can fly as a bird......and you see no comments posted in other blogs.....