Saturday, June 11, 2011

Unidentified Flying Oddment

It's a bird-- it's a plane-- it's a bit of Zoorobotany from my sketchbook!

Ball-point pen, brush marker & white gel-pen on brown paper, Photoshopically soaring across a page from an antique songbook, about 4x5"


  1. It is amazing to read the ballpoint part. Wow!

  2. No, no, it is a typical UGO (Unidentified Growing Oddment). No , I am sorry, I do not think it is very "birdish ".
    This is matter for an archaeobotanist who must analyse and interpretate remains of this old plant. But because I am a kind of archaeobotanist, I can tell you this specimen belongs to the family of Rosoideae and particularly this one is Rosehawiana boltii. You can recognize it easily because of two bolts on each side of the hip.
    These are already extincted but now and than found in old graves.
    Did I mention this specimen is in extraordinary good condition?

  3. Ces, I still love flexible crow quills best, but ball-points are so much more portable!

    Dr. Artichoke, you may well be right. After all, I'm not a real scientist!* I bow to your archeobotanical analysis.

    *See disclaimer in profile

  4. To quote Christopher Walken, "Wowa."

    I love it.