Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Welcome to Oddments & Curiosities!

Because it's my birthday & I'm allowed to do as I like, I'm daring myself to post an odd little creature of some kind on every odd day until my next birthday, or until I go completely mad, whichever comes first! Consider this an experiment in predictable unpredictability.

I hope you will add your field notes on these curious specimens. Feel free to speculate on their characteristics, cheer me on in my voyage of discovery, or hasten my madness by taunting me relentlessly, as you prefer.

Oddment 1 is a digital sketch for two of the characters in a large (for me) multi-character painting I'm working on. Photoshop with some acrylic-painty stuff thrown in.

p.s. Do you think I should name these things or merely catalog them?


  1. First at all 2 x congratulations: birthday and your new blog!!
    Secondly, this kind of madness is my cup of tea.

    These creatures have fun together. That's clear. They know each other, I guess, they are dancing one of folk or country dances. Even though the claws are sharp, green serpent,Mrs.GreenWaterhose, is gently gripped by her friend, Mr. Escrevisse.

    Well, I wish you every success !!

  2. I can't help wondering how Mr. Escrevisse manages to scratch his ear with no elbows. Love the picture, and good luck!

  3. Ooooohhh Lookie lookie! No wonder I can totally relate. belated Happy Birthday. My birthday follows yours! Yeah. I read that Gemini are the best people! Hahahah! They also create the weirdest and oddest yet lovable creatures! I will happily wait for every installment.

  4. Thanks to art is joke for naming these jokers, to Dan for serious anatomical inquiry, & Ces for astute astrological analysis!

    I value your encouragement & vital scientific input... & Happy Birthday Ces!