Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This ear-y oddment is inaugurating a new series... can you guess what it might be?

Photoshop, text from an 1876 Introduction to Botany

Edit: Sarah got it! The series is Curiotype, an alphabet of figural letters illustrating scientific terms.


  1. This is just too much fun! Little fellow seems to glow - like a fresh leaf with the sunlight behind and through him.

  2. Nasus viridis var. auriculata is the correct scientific name. They were described already in the beginning of 16 century (by my uncle Artichoke the First) . This green creature inhabitants old orchards and abandoned parks with many hollow trunks where they put their stock for winter period. As the name suggests, it has developed an extraordinary nose for finding food....

    Having said that I guess your new series is about how to involve these creatures in keeping our gardens and orchards in good shape and partly also about their conservation.

    (Or am I wrong?)

  3. Thanks, all!

    AHA, I really appreciate that because sunlight through leaves always makes me happy...

    Art, no wonder you can always identify these dudes, with a venerable scientific heritage like that!

    Nobody here has guessed the series yet. The next one should give you a big hint though!

  4. looks like an alphabet series to me! (I loooove an alphabet series, by the way, so I'm excited to see the next one.) so cool!

  5. Indeed, I think he looks a tad like an an entirely complimentary manner, of course.

  6. Sarah, you nailed it! This is oddment number 26, & I began thinking about what to draw for it on the 26th, so it seemed the alphabet was just asking to be oddified!

    SL, who would not be honored to be compared to an artichoke?

  7. @SL Vitale : how do you know my nose is big and green?? :D

  8. What a great character and such vibrant colours! How's the animation stuff going?