Monday, July 25, 2011

Speed Garden

(...and speed oddment too... this has been a busy day, sorry for the late post!)

This oddment is from an old sketchbook, with Photoshopical additions. The gardener may look a bit odd, but really it's the garden itself that is unusual. I suppose I must have been feeling impatient with my own garden when I drew this.

(This is my second oddment for IF this week; the first is Perennial Curiosity.)

NEWS FLASH! Tuesday 26 July: Oddments & Curiosities is featured on Noah Scalin's Make Something 365 blog! I'm so excited! Noah is one of the most creative & inspiring bloggers around. If any of you don't know about his Skull-A-Day blog, you should head right over there & have your mind thoroughly blown by his original year of daily skulls. He is also the author of 365: A Daily Creativity Journal, a great resource for anyone pursuing a daily (or odd-daily) project. (See store links on the 365 site.)


  1. What wonderful work you do! I'm impressed.

  2. Your work always intriguing. Thanks for stopping by, and congrats on the feature on the 365 blog!