Thursday, July 21, 2011

Legally Odd

And now for something completely different! Here's a whole parade of oddments, marching in a highly disorganized fashion. Or maybe it's a page of legal notes in an alien language?

Either way, I worry that this document could someday be used against me in a court of law.

Click on the image if you want a closer view of the oddments. Which of these do you think should grow into bigger oddments?

Crow-quill pen & ink on legal pad. As I was drawing this, my husband kept walking by & shaking his head. :-D


  1. This is one of those images which is both energising and calming at the same time. The many ideas within this work could take you on many tangents.

  2. Last year I did something similar, however, not so neatly sorted , more quick doodles with all kind of creatures. Some of them I used , some of them are still waiting......
    Great and funny drawing!

  3. And now I'm poking around your blog..... This is great. I'm amazed. It's one of those pictures I could look at for ages. I'm sure you have patience. I also see very smooth lines, which indicates no mistakes!!!! Impressive.
    Great blog btw