Sunday, July 31, 2011


Another of my obsessions: tendrils! How handy that "C" was up next in my Curiotype series.

Photoshop with text from an old dictionary.


  1. Claviculate Draculate .....
    I thought Claviculate has always 6 pairs of suction cups , but I guess, I am wrong...... Can I have one of these?

  2. ...and you do tendrils so WELL! Lucky for us! Great!

  3. Ah, Art, I'm so sorry, but at the moment the oligodactyl Claviculate Draculate is a unique specimen. I very much doubt that the trait will be passed on to any offspring.

    Thank you, Elizabeth! I think tendrils are plant calligraphy, so maybe all my lettering work keeps me in practice. :-)

  4. I do hope those suction cups don't secrete anything noxious!

  5. This is such a fun series, and now I'm starting to wonder what happens when different letters mate :)

  6. Muy buena obsesion !!!!!!!!Es una de las mias tambien !!!!!!!

  7. Thanks, Patti! Any tendril-lover is a friend of mine.
    SL, I offer no guarantees-- cuddle at your own risk!
    Linda, funny you should mention that... see Curiotype No. 4.
    Muchas gracias, Karina! That's about as far as my Spanish goes, but glad you are a tendril fan too, amiga!

  8. Hahaha, thanks!;)

    This is also, so, so cool! i like that he looks really content.X)