Thursday, September 29, 2011

El Curiosidad

When my husband visited Mexico a couple of years ago, he brought back a set of LoterĂ­a cards for me to play with. Mind you, I'm not much for card games, but he knew I'd have fun with the images. Thanks, T!

For a monster, this guy doesn't look particularly ferocious, & I think it would be pretty amusing to see him chasing his prey, given his obvious lack of aerodynamic finesse. But he does look as though he has managed to devour plenty of something, so if you should ever see him coming, beware!

Acrylic on Loteria card.


  1. Maybe he used to be a real moneybags, but he's bankrupt now (and therefore sporting a barrel sartorially)?

  2. Every time I see a rain barrel I'm going to hope it hides a monster.

  3. Oho, Isaac, I hadn't thought of that! He does have an air of dissolution about him, & might well have squandered the family fortune on monstrous indulgences.

    Odd, you'll find monsters aplenty in every single barrel, I'm certain. Just ask Mr. Leeuwenhoek!

  4. Do them all! Paint the whole card set! Keeeep going!! I want to see them allll!!!

    Okay, I'll be quite now.

  5. Your illustrations are amazingly atmospheric.

  6. What Ted said! :D

    ( I want to see them too!!)
    Nice weekend!

  7. Ted & Art, I'm afraid I'm no longer playing with a full deck. ;-) Some of the cards have already been whisked into alternate universes. But I still have quite a few & you may be seeing some soon!

    Thanks to everyone for your encouragement!