Monday, September 5, 2011


This curiotype is a speedy, springy fellow who can cover quite a distance in a single bound, utterly unlike the snail with which he is sometimes confused.

Full disclosure: I found after I'd started this that the term strombuliferous is somewhat archaic. So fling it around in everyday conversation at your own risk. ;-)


  1. Hey Leah! Well I tell you want, the wonderful iamges just keep marching on to your blog, all full of subtle nuances and twists and curls that make us disbelieve our eyes, and say, whoa, this creature must exist in some ancient time of parchments and monks and Cardinals riding asses .... :) that's how you spell 'asses' in your country I hope? On second thoughts, better make that 'donkeys... " (being ridden I mean)

  2. This has the making of a magnificent lyrical alphabet book! One, I'd certainly would buy! :) Thanks for your sincere comments in ref. to my Mom; they are greatly appreciated.

  3. Oooh, my other initial has arrived! Please tell me that you'll be selling prints, a book, and/or a poster of the whole alphabet when this is completed! I'm starting to be a little sad that we're nearing the end...but I'm sure you'll have something wonderful and new coming our way.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions, Sarah! Don't be sad that the alphabet is nearing its end... there are many more oddments itching to get out that can't quite be alphabetized!

    I have rarely made prints of my pieces (in fact I don't actually have a storefront as yet) but it had occurred to me to do 5x7" cards (which could also serve as mini-prints) with 2 curiotypes of your choice, stacked vertically. Do you think you might like something like that?

  5. Ooh, that's a fabulous idea. I'd order those in a heartbeat. I do love seeing them all together, so keep thinking "poster", too. And no storefront? If I had your portfolio, I'd be hawking my wares from etsy to ebay.

    Switching topics,have you noticed how many artists have a things for an alphabet series? Is it the kid in each of us or the love of visual organization or what?