Tuesday, September 13, 2011


It's a rare & beautiful thing when two individuals transcend the boundaries of self & begin to move through life on precisely the same wavelength. These synchronous swimmers were loosely inspired by the astonishingly graceful & romantic waltzing weedy sea dragons.
(Many thanks to Isaac for introducing me to these real-life oddments!)

By the way, you may note that this curiotype is a departure from the more arcane vocabulary of previous entries. That is because there was no W in classical Latin, the base language of most scientific terms. I'm rather glad since it gave me the perfect opportunity to celebrate sea dragons!

Photoshop with text from Steele's Fourteen Weeks of Physics, 1878.


  1. Nice! And I like the background text quite a bit, too.

  2. Glad you like it, Isaac! Thanks again for the inspiration. Your blog is full of wonders!

  3. Sea dragons not in classical latin? What!?!?! What were all those old maps on about I wonder? Lovely piece, as always.

  4. it is very ...it is very.....wavy! Do you know what I noticed as first? The eye of the first "wavy wave" ; these are as twins , mirroring each other. And the first one look back to see if he is being followed by his brother ( wavy waves on the picture are males)
    As usual very ENJOYABLE !!

    (and BTW the Weedy seadragons dance is beautiful)

  5. Thanks, SL-- I wish those old Romans had been looking out for my curiotype alphabet, but they were sadly indifferent. *sigh*

    Art, I had a hunch you'd see twins! ;-) And I'm glad you enjoyed the waltz.