Friday, November 25, 2011


I love Thanksgiving, I really do, but the aftermath, not so much!

I'd actually planned to do this in cranberry "ink" but my first attempt was disappointingly faint, & I really didn't feel like cooking anything else, so I fell back on good old acrylics.

The text is from Little Lessons in Corrective Eating, Vol.II  by Eugene Christian, 1914. I'd planned to tear off the bottom part of the page to make it roughly square, but I just liked that line about skipping luncheon too much to do it.


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! I love this. I love Thanksgiving too! I love all the holidays and I celebrate with gusto but none so much more than Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love to cook, to labor in the kitchen and I LOVE CRANBERRIES!!! Thank goodness my son likes it, no one else does.

    This painting is awesome! I love it's droopy eyes. Looks like it ate some turkey! Hehehheehe! Oh man, this is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art!

    May this be the start of a happy holiday season for you!

  2. Ugh! Ugh! ignoramus me! I meant to type "I love its droopy eyes." I better get up from bed and have some pecan pie and coffee so I may spell correctly. :)

  3. Oh my gosh. Looking at your sidebar for the recent post. Your work is amazing!!!

  4. hi L, I am still watching your stuff but I did not comment last weeks: do you know why?
    Yes, exactly.

    ( I hate repeating....)

    ( but I really enjoy it every time when I visit your pages :) )
    I had to , however, this time comment on your cranberry, because I eat them all the time.

  5. I loooove your illustration!! Perfect for "round"!! Yeah, eating too much... is not... good... :) Oh and I love the background/text as the texture!! Gives the illustration a nice composition/structure.

  6. Great character, love the eyes and those shining cheeks.

    Aaah, are they really suggesting sour milk? Eek! That is a really cool page, though, and I do like the bit about omitting the luncheon.

  7. I absolutely love this piece. The character is perfect, and the text is wonderful. You were spot-on to keep the note about luncheon.

  8. This round guy looks like I feel! He's great!!

  9. nice but I hope you didn't actually tear the page out of the book

  10. great character and the text goes perfect with it :)