Thursday, November 17, 2011

Days (& Days) of Wine & Roses

Yes, this is a piece I've posted before, but I really felt like it needed a little something more, so I added this garland of roses, which I hope will reinforce both the "pleasant fragrance" & "redolent of the past" elements of the definition.

Incidentally, this was redolent of my own past, since I seemed to get a great many overly-sweet, decorative, flowery jobs when I first started freelancing. Much as I love flowers, that rut got very boring very soon, so I did something of a rubber-burning U-turn away from rose-land, & I am painfully rusty with rose painting now! (As I'm afraid is obvious here.)

Not long ago I was contacted (via web) by one of those early clients who asked if I was the same Leah Palmer Preiss who used to do pretty things!  I had a good laugh over that one. I can wax nostalgic over many other things, but oh, I'm so glad I made that move.


  1. Such a clever and fantastic piece. The roses are a wonderful addition. This is what you call rusty? Hardly. They are gorgeous!

  2. yes we are glad too that you made that move ....where is your work published or do you sell pieces or both ?? .....I'm very interested to know as your work is so individual...and I love it ....I trained as a botanical illustrator back in the olden days although textiles is my passion and driving force .....I hardly paint or draw at all now but I do really appreciate good drawing and illustrative work..x

  3. Well, I guess now it spells "RATHER"...

  4. Obviously you are a brilliant flower painter, too. Roses are a nice touch every now and then, and these look really great, but I'm so glad you made the transition to the Artsybashev odd. If it were all about flowers I probably wouldn't be here :)

  5. Bella, thanks! But I used to be able to knock out a rose practically in my sleep... which was exactly the trouble! Zzzzzz...

    Thank you, Artymess! I'm terribly disorganized about marketing... I mostly just have random things in various shows & galleries, but I'm actually hoping to set up an Etsy account soon for some of the small pieces & prints. I also have a children's book coming out next Fall. I will keep you all posted!

    Isaac, that was entirely unintentional, yet highly appropriate, since I've been suffering a dreadful case of the 'druthers lately.

    Ted, if it were still all about flowers, *I* probably wouldn't be here either!!

  6. This work is reminiscent of fantasy, beauty and way, way out there, all wrapped up in one package. Love it all!!!!!!!