Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mystery Series!

{This piece isn't quite finished but as it's already so late, I'm posting it anyway. I'll tweak it & replace it if I have time.}

This is the first in a little mini-series of 5 images. I dare you to guess what is special about this series.

Acrylic on text from The Practical Standard Dictionary, 1943 on canvas, 6"x6"


  1. Okay, I'm hooked. A mystery you say? Hmmm...I see the letter R and the color red, but I'm not sure how that works into a series of five. This fabulous fellow looks rather St. Nicholas-esque...something to do with the holidays?

  2. Five items in the series could be five senses. But I'm not sure why the little guy would be in the shape of an R then...

  3. hm...I see two letters, a J and an R...

  4. Oh love those curves but the thing that grabs me is the look of supreme joy happiness satsifaction on his face.

  5. Thanks, everyone! I realized after posting this that it was really an impossible conundrum without some major hints. Sorry for the teasing, but I still can't tell you what it is for quite yet. Please stay tuned... meanwhile I will be inspired by all of your delightful ideas & visions...

    Andrew, your comment warms my heart, because I was really trying to channel all the nostalgic/anticipatory/in-the-moment bliss I could into this fellow's expression. I'm so glad it came through!