Friday, October 21, 2011


I live in Raleigh, NC, USA, a.k.a. Oak City. At this time of year, our lawns, streets & sidewalks are scattered with vast herds of these zoorobotanical beasties. Please watch your step if you come to visit!

Her Odd Materials No. 15: Acrylic, brass wire & rusty tacks on acorn. 


  1. Love this...and I love acorns. I think we should take after the British and call acorns "conkers", don't you?

  2. The rusty tacks are the perfect touch. What a hoot!

  3. Super! What a great idea and what a precise little work! A real miniature. I live in Holland and here we have other acorns. They are green en don't have noses. They land on my car with a lot of noise, but I love them. As kids we used to make acorn puppets with matches for legs, but this is far better. This is awesome!!

  4. This is excellent and was such a neat idea! I came across your blog recently and instantly loved your work. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you! :]

  5. Thanks, all-- I had fun with this-- I'd done acorn faces before (& the caps look so perfect as winter hats) but I just suddenly saw the critter-nose potential the other day & couldn't resist.

    Sarah M, I think my town has been conquered by conkers!

    Ted, I knew I'd been holding on to those tacks for something! Not a hoarder. no, not at all.

    Hedwig, I'd love to see the green acorn puppets! I bet they'd make great aliens.

    Sarah, thanks & welcome! Nice to meet you!