Thursday, October 13, 2011

Light-Headed Contraption

I loved IF's prompt this week-- I only wish I had more time to make more elaborate contraptions! But I'm crazy busy all week, so just time for a quickie today. 

Acrylic on found red light bulb, antique shears & miniature pliers, held together (badly) with copper & brass wire. About 5½" tall.


  1. well, it does not seem to be very environmental-friendly bulb!!

    (but it can be handy in the dark room when processing photographs)


  2. If this guy were a wrestler he would have the most excruciating leg scissor-lock. Yeeeee!

  3. He looks so happy. Must be fun to see him shine when he is on!

  4. Oh this is just the BEST! :) :) You are so very clever! I love it.