Monday, October 3, 2011

B-Side Beastie

I was sorting through a box of Victorian scrap hunting for something to use in Her Odd Materials, when I happened to glance at the back side of one of them, & immediately saw a monster-head. So of course I painted it!

The image below is the original chromolith, i.e. the A-side of the Oddment. (If you're having trouble seeing the shape, note that it's rotated 90° & flipped. Her head is the beastie's nose.)

H.O.M No.7: Acrylic on reverse of Victorian scrap, ~2½x3½"

If you missed the link on the last oddment, I'm a "Cryptkeeper" for be sure to check out the other spooky/monstrous/festive blogs on the site!


  1. I took your victorian card and rotated and inverted it in PS, then removed the card image just to see the outline that inspired you (and to make sure you didn't cheat, ha ha), and you didn't! You have a great imagination. This is why I follow you.

  2. Haha, thanks Ted, I applaud your spirit of scientific skepticism, & I don't blame you a bit for doubting my reliability! However, it would have been impossible to cheat, since I was painting on the actual scrap. Still, I feel sure you have spared others much tedious Photoshop research!