Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Micro-Mold Monster

One of my odder Fleam-ish purchases was a box of used microscope slides. I think even the vendor was a bit grossed out by them-- she looked quite shocked by my purchase! But they actually make a fun micro-canvas. It was an interesting exercise to fit in a little-bitty monster without covering any of the handwriting.

Her Odd Materials No. 11, Acrylic on used microscope slide, ~1"x3"

p.s.Anyone out there with a clue who R.E.M. might be? I seriously doubt these slides belonged to the recently-disbanded band... though many have accused them of moldiness in their latter years.


  1. ha ha , good one!!
    I had some old microscope slides as well, with really old microscope. But it has been stolen some years ago...
    In the weekend was stolen my Mac in the office...:( ( quite annoying )

  2. My boss, a pathologist, is R.E.M. I'm not kidding.

  3. Whoa, Jim, that's crazy!! Does this look like his handwriting?

    Art, horrible news about the Mac!! I will send this monster after the thieves to infect all their belongings with mold. (But not your Mac of course! It will be waiting for you safely, guarded fiercely by my beastie.) Seriously, I hope it gets recovered quickly, & you have no further troubles with techno-thievery.

  4. Thanks , Curious, it is very annoying though. The window in my office was smashed into millions tiny pieces.......they took just my most delicious fruit out of hole in the window and disappeared. The other PC's were left untouched...... I think they were members of some pomology gang :(

    But it did not change my mood after such nice walk!! ( and I had pretty recent back-up of everything, so loss is not so big)

  5. Waitaminute... let me break out my jewelers loop and look this one over.... ohhhh... NICE!

    Hey, maybe it was all part of a 'rapid eye movement' study.