Sunday, October 9, 2011

Home for Halloween

I thought I'd try my hand at animating Home Sweet Home. This is pretty rough. Flash is definitely an "Odd Material" as far as I'm concerned. I know it's second nature for some people, but I find it both frustrating & fascinating. For one thing, I still don't quite understand why some videos export & post without issues, & others simply refuse to cooperate.

Do you hear "Happy Halloween" in the audio, or am I hallucinating from excessive computer hours? It was a free download by alextundra, btw, from

Flash, Photoshop, acrylic over text from an old dictionary. I wonder if my mixed media conglomerations will some day reach critical mass & explode. They have already had questionable effects on my computer, & possibly my brain.

edit: At Ted's request I'm including a looped version, for those who are gluttons for punishment!


  1. ha ha funny!!!!

    (btw, did you joined Blogger's sunday walk today???)

  2. Thanks for the walk reminder, Art! I'll try to get out there sometime today. :-)

  3. Pretty cool, but my finger got tired watching it over and over and over. Next time can you make a loop? The "Happy Halloween" music is my favorite.

    My next post will be my very first GIF animation. Baby steps for me.

  4. Scary! "...and his tail would lash" but would he "show compash?" What is he anyway? Loved how his eyes lit up.