Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Occupy The Cat(bird) Seat?

Dear friends, I don't want to dangle an unattainable goal before you, as this fat cat is doing, so I must clarify that there isn't an obvious unifying theme or secret message to this mysterious mini-series. The only thing the images really have in common is what inspired them & where they will be going when they're done. And honestly, that would be pretty hard to guess! The backgrounds do provide a (very slight) clue...

Acrylic on text on canvas, 6"x6"

Also a belated but heartfelt THANKS to Noah, Tatman & the gang @ skulladay for featuring The Girl with the Oddment Tattoo on 1 November! I just now found out it was up there. Yay!


  1. R A T H ... S?

    I mean, maybe this is for a couple of people who are feeling mome?

  2. Love this! Really great style and characters. Love the colors. It almost looks like you could have stylized letters in there, so either an alphabet or illuminated manuscript is my guess. I love the creatures below, some kinda cat/meerkat/mongoose hybrid. Love your stuff!

  3. Well, regardless of whether these are a solvable mystery, I find them endlessly fascinating!

  4. Your work is amazing, all of it. I especially like this one!

  5. Nice take on the wiener on a stick theme, except its a smelly fish. ha ha.

    And I noticed you painted the identical cat twice rather than doing a photoshop cheat. I respect that.

  6. Oh My Gosh!!! This is absolutely incredibly magnificent. I saw your title on my reader and when I read the word "Occupy" I wonder what it was about. This is so adorable!

  7. Thanks so much, folks! Sorry I've been so long responding. Crazy busy lately!

    Isaac, I love the Carrollian hypothesis; some day I may have to do an Alice series.

    Ted, you're right. I'm afraid no one can ever accuse me of doing anything in a speedy & practical manner! :-(