Sunday, March 11, 2012

V is for Vanpaia

I took a few liberties with this week's AlphaBeasts! entry.  Japanese legends did not include a vampire in the Dracula model, & the word vanpaia certainly sounds like a modern coinage. More traditional was the Nukekubi, a creature who looks like a normal human, but whose head can detach at the neck & fly around at night attacking folks (somewhat related to the Rokurokubi). I mixed the genres a bit with this one... so sue me!

Acrylic on ad scanned from Sears Roebuck catalog of 1897 "I'm Dr. Barker & I vant to build your bloooooood!!" with some PS, ~4"x5"


  1. Oh she reminds me of women I am happy to not meet. She looks, excuse my language please- bi$@#y. Rawrrrrrrr!!!

    Hehehe. I am in your backyard, errrrr, basement??? Got here this afternoon, ooop, it is now the next day. Hehehe. We are on wild undisciplined, staying out late and sleeping in schedule. Maybe Tuesday, Ashville.

    Oh you are almost finished with the alphabeasts!!!! Ooooohhhhg!!!!!

  2. By the way, your blog and art looks absolutely fabulous on my phone. It looks do brilliant and the painting sparkles.