Wednesday, August 3, 2011


When I was looking for text to incorporate into the background of this Curiotype, I was startled to find a related term coined by H. L. Mencken: apparently an ecdysiast is a stripper! I'd never heard that one, but it's certainly apropos. There's even something about the lacy transparency of a snakeskin that resembles diaphanous lingerie... with an inside-out head attached... now that would make for an interesting ensemble.

Photoshop with text from The Practical Standard Dictionary, 1943.

Edit: I'm being a bit slithery & counting this as this week's entry for Ben Towle's Animal Alphabet-- after all, S is for Skin-Shedding Snake-- just pretend you don't see that E. ;-)


  1. I really like the colors of the drawings .. This snake looks great CHANGING YOUR CLOTHES.
    So here I am using the translator forgive without understanding much.
    GREETINGS !!!!!!!

  2. An ecdysiast is wonderful word. So does it mean that also a butterfly (or an other insect) is in certain stage an ecdysiast? The performer gradually undresses, either partly or completely. :D
    Interesting !

  3. Wow...each one of these is more unbelievable than the one have an amazing project going here. I could just stare at them all day...

  4. Hey everyone, I really appreciate the kind words.

    Karina, your message came through loud & clear-- the snake & I thank you!

    Art, the butterfly definitely qualifies. Insect life is taking on all- new connotations, eh?

    Mary & Sarah, thank you so much! I'm having loads of fun with these.

  5. A ha. When I saw this on the Tumblr site I wondered why there was no sinuous S in the snake's coils. Now I know...