Saturday, August 13, 2011

Return of the Oddments: Helicoid!

My computer seems to be working fine now-- I've been scrambling to make up for lost work time. At last I'm back to my master plan for world oddment-ification! Another in the Curiotype series.

Photoshop, with text from Gray's Introduction to Structural & Systemic Botany, 1876


  1. Good news to hear your PC is doing what it suppose to do !
    Helicoid is an interesting helicoid because they are two independent subjects but they have to share nose and mouth together...
    OR is there some invisible connection between them ?

  2. It could simply be a symbiotic arrangement, but I suspect there is an underground connection, much as the mycelium links fairy ring mushrooms. Or then again perhaps there is a wireless network.

  3. oooh, you had fun with this one!! I was so busy admiring the facial features that it took me a sec to notice the wonderful! So glad your computer is behaving again.