Sunday, August 7, 2011


As a mother of twins, I'm particularly fond of this Curiotype.

Photoshop on text from an old dictionary.

p.s. My computer is acting up lately, so if I miss an oddment, you'll know why. :-O Wish me luck!


  1. (I am afraid you do not use computer with small fruit on it.....:D so , I not wondering...:))

    Don't tell me! I know exactly how it sounds!!!
    I like the furry, soft and very delicate hairy structure on the bodies of these oddments! And that "only" with Ps?...

  2. Yes, Art, you are so, so right... my computer is currently seeming particularly fruitless. ;-)

    And yes, the fur is all Photoshop-- I use a Wacom Intuos tablet so I can fiddle with pressure-sensitive brush settings. It's still not as subtle as a real pencil or paintbrush, but you can do a lot with it!

  3. These are all very beautiful.
    will be watching them all.


  4. Love this one, Leah! Especially how they are looking at each other! Perfect for this week's prompt!

  5. Love it, but then I love all your oddments :) Good luck with your computer!

  6. So stylish! They are sleekly furry but with a great metallic sheen. Really cool!