Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I love seedpods & tend to pick up a few whenever I take walks in Autumn. They can have amazingly complex & fascinating interior structures (though I've never yet found one that contained quadruplets as this curiotype does).

I also have a serious thing for cross-sections & cutaways. It's so much fun to get to peek inside something & see how it all works. Peacay of Bibliodyssey has posted some beauties & I was filled with absolute giddy glee when I first saw the "Let me tell you about my boat" scene from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. {Sorry this is such a lo-res copy-- if you know of a better link please let me know.}
And have you seen this wonderful animated version of "Man as Industrial Palace" by Fritz Kahn?

Oh yes, back to the curiotype. It's Photoshop with text from Gray's Introduction to Structural & Systemic Botany, 1876


  1. Ooh, I love seed pods and nuts and things, too. Thanks for the book recommendation-I just reserved it at my library. Looks fascinating; I like Eliot Porter's work, but the book is new to me. This post was chock full of cool links...I had fun exploring them.

  2. stunning Quadruplets! The color of their eyes reveal they are not
    monozygotic !

  3. And thanks for sharing all nice links!!

  4. Thanks, Sarah! I'm glad you could find the book, bet you'll love it.

    Art, you noticed the eyes! My twins have different eye colors too-- & come to think of it, their mother is also kind of a nut! Hmmm.

    Glad you guys liked the links-- I got a little carried away there!

  5. Que creativo que sos !!!!!!!!
    Tambien me gustó mucho : "L'homme est une machine " !!!!!!!!

  6. Leah I just found this blog of yours. Your brain is an amazing acrobatic manifestation of magical wild and free beauty. I learn tooooo much from your work! LOVE IT !

  7. Love the expressions - obviously siblings, and all with their own personalities already!