Monday, August 15, 2011


Invasion of the Oddments!! When the population of a single species in a given area suddenly swells, it can pose problems for other less populous species. For instance, in my house we are now experiencing an irruption of fruit flies (due, no doubt, to the also-increasing numbers of peaches, figs & tomatoes populating the kitchen counter). These obnoxious beasties definitely have the local humans way outnumbered, & despite a distinct disadvantage in size (& one would hope, intelligence), the little guys are clearly winning. *Sigh*

This is Curiotype Number Nine. (Cue white album.) Photoshop with text from Webster's Dictionary, 1945.


  1. even more books !!!!!!:

  2. At least fruit flies are a benign plague? Plus they gave you a pretty inspiration :)