Saturday, August 27, 2011


Eyespots make an excellent disguise, whether for confusing predators or providing camouflage. All sorts of creatures wear them: fish, moths, peacocks, curiotypes. (Did you know that the ocelot is named after its eyespots?) And as a special bonus, they even look like "O"s!

Photoshop with text from The Practical Standard Dictionary, 1943.

I'm hearing about a lot of power outages in our area from Hurricane Irene-- so far we've lucked out, but if I don't respond or post for a while, you'll know why!


  1. Great, delicious patterns on the body. Beautiful.

    Irina has also an eye. But only one. And there is chance, it is a blind one. Hopefully she disappears without causing too much damage.....Maybe your ocellated creature can lure Irina and confuse her......

  2. You are too kind, Art. Your comment made me realize that this oddment has a decidedly Irenesque whorl shape as well! I hope she interprets this & the eyes as a tribute & doesn't smite me extra-hard for copyright infringement!

  3. i like body in form loop !!!!!!!

  4. I love your illustrations and this is no exception. Great work!